Raza Academy sends water to drought-hit villages


With Solapur, Latur, Manmad, Marathwada facing severe scarcity of water this summer, the Raza Academy is collecting funds and sending water to these areas and has so far sent more than five lakh litres of water.

The academy based in south Mumbai has been sending water since April 8 by collecting water from nearby areas.

Saeed Noori, general secretary of this academy, has himself visited many of these drought-hit areas. “The water that these people are receiving for drinking is not enough. The wells are all dried up too,” said Noori.

In Latur and Solapur, the academy has poured one lakh litre of water into two wells so that people can use it from there. “It was necessary to preserve the water somewhere so that people can use it. At some places, drinking water is being sold but most people in the villages cannot afford it,” added Noori.

“There is a dam in Latur which has enough water but because the water pipelines are broken, the local municipality cannot supply water. If these pipelines are repaired, there will be no help needed from outside,” he said.

“Once we spoke to a local official in Solapur informing him that we were going to send water tankers  and the very next day, the officials themselves sent water tankers to the areas. I think the local civic bodies are not active to sort out these issues because if they can manage water for a day then they can manage for an entire year,” added Noori.

The organisation has been sending water depending on the funds they receive from the public. “If people will donate further, then we will be continue to send water,” he hoped.