Not everyone plays Pokemon Go, do you play?


Pokemon Go is a free game developed by Niantic. The location based game was released on July 6, 2016 for iOS and Android devices in the first phase.


This game has exploded and pulled in thousands upon thousands of people, it isn’t up everyone’s alley and yes not everyone is excited about this game though, and that’s fair.

In a poll of Android Central, It seems the game has not hit a large number of users. According to the poll, 38.9% of people voted, “I’m not playing and I wish people would stop talking about it.” Oh that’s very crappy about the game. It is the largest number of people who even don’t want to talk about the game.

But the story does not end yet. With 33.4% of the vote, Pokemon players managed to acquire second place, saying “Of course I’m playing”

16.7% still does not like to play the game and they have snagged the third place.

Many people have downloaded but still does not play regularly and they snagged third place with 11%.

That is the story of Pokemon Go so far. Do you play? Do you want to talk more about this game? Do you even not even like this game? Let us know what you think about this game in the comments below.